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Thirst, no place like Home.
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Allyn Bromley

Photo courtesy of Courtney Biggs. Allyn has lived and worked in Honolulu since the early 1950s. She earned a BFA from the University of Hawaii, and her MFA from the University of Colorado. She has done post-graduate work at Pratt Graphic Center in Manhattan, and at Rochester Institute of Technology and the University of Washington. Allyn retired from teaching printmaking at the University of Hawaii in 2000 to pursue further explorations in the art of the print. Her current interests are in deconstructing the screen printed format to recombine and reconstruct images in the third dimension.

Artist's Statement

Thirst, for me, means a craving for something. I have interpreted this theme as another form of desire, and one that is not necessarily satisfied easily. One’s thirst can be assuaged, but the satisfaction, by nature, is transitory and manifest in many forms. My pieces in the show dwell on lust, power, addiction and neglect as they attempt to address a void in human experience.