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"The position of the artist is humble. He is essentially a channel."
- Piet Mondrian

The Art of Creating

There is no such thing as an uncreative human. It is simply that individuals are often not conscious of it. We must realize creativity is not constrained by the narrow context we place it in. The simple act of existing is creative. You create thoughts, create situations, and while you sleep, you create dreams. People who describe themselves as not creative may conjure up elaborate excuses for not showing up for work. Or on a much larger scale for example, many conflicts occurring through out the world do not happen by accident. They are created by manipulation of thought. Ultimately, however, the greatest form of expression is creating new life. Again, since much of this occurs unconsciously, it is taken for granted (especially in the "civilized" world). Therefore, I surmise, we are all creators.

As an artist, I consciously create my pieces - at least for much of the process. To begin with, I usually draw a rough sketch to act as a guide. Then, I go about my creation with purposeful intent. There is a point along the way, however, when things are literally out of my hands and uncertainty enters into the picture. Maybe there's a problem with the firing or what looked good on paper, looks odd with dimension. Sometimes the unforeseen happens. I am never completely sure when things are going to turn out well. Perhaps, that's the way it should be. In my mind's eye I have envision the finished product. The actual piece may be more beautiful or interesting than I imagined (transcending the actual process) or it could be a disappointment. That's one of the risks of creating.

Silver clay adds a dimension of excitement. There is a visual and tactile metamorphosis from clay-like to bright silver - from soft to hard - from organic to metallic. Physical (and metaphysical) transformation is always exciting. It is often said about silver clay, if you can imagine it, you can build it. My motivation is to create pieces that are familiar and yet interestingly seductive and to explore the outer design limits of this relatively new art form. As I gradually incorporate traditional metalsmithing techniques into my work, I hope to bridge any perceived divide between silver clay and the "old-school" of jewelry creation. I am more excited about what I will create rather than what I have created. As I express the creator in me, I celebrate the creator in all of us. For it is our true nature. block